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Destination Wedding Photographer di fama internazionale e celebre fotografa di matrimoni per destinazioni italiane, reportage, servizi di moda, pubblicità.

Wonderful and unforgetable WEDDING DAY

Thanks to Lidia' s photos out wedding day remains unforgettable!

She is very attentive, ,delicate , professional! Lots of nice photos! Spectacular!!!

Atelier R

Extremely grateful to Mrs CostantinI !!!

Unbelievably talented!!
Lidia took a very normal setting and turned it into something spectacular for us. 🎁 One thing that really stood out is her ability to see things we can't.

She understands clearly how to capture that special moment!! Thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise Lidia Costantini.

We would not hesitate to recommend you and your team. You have a special gift with a camera !! 🎁 All the best in the future The Leafloor family📸


La migliore!!!!

Lidia è un'eccellente fotografa, una vera artista, le sue foto mi sono piaciute subito e non ho avuto nessun dubbio nello sceglierla!!!! Le sue foto? Eleganti , raffinate con un tocco glamour, TOP. La consiglio!!!!!


Wedding photos out of the ordinary

Lidia is one of the most enthusiastic, fun and supportive photographers who happen to take amazing photos!

With her, we were in good hands and the pics were fabulous!


Now we have a new friend

Lidia has a great experience in portraying people, she has dedicated her life to photography and many Italian celebrities have relied on her for important shootings, dedicated to the most prestigious magazines (Vanity Fair Italia, Marieclaire, etc.). Punctual and sensitive, she will know how to involve you with her sympathy and the glamorous style developed over the years.


Amazing wedding experience

Lidia Costantini's photographic experience is undoubtedly the best.

The wedding was fantastic, and the photography was no exception, I recommend the photographer Lidia to everyone.

Nicolò C.

Simpatica e professionale, senso artistico ed esperienza... Caratteristiche di Lidia che mi ha fatto sentire subito a mio agio e il risultato delle foto eccezionale! Consigliata!


I very much appreciate the speed you work... The photos in this way are always natural andnever boring... Can you also find the poses always beautiful and comfortable:-) You areefficient and rapid!

Tania Cagnotto

On behalf of Mizuno and High spa, I would like to thank you and your staff for the photo shootwith Federica Pellegrini of 12 January. On the set you showed great professionalism, and thiswas out of question, but also great sensitivity to read situations and people and greatintelligence briefing and then interpreting the answers to requests. The working atmospherefluid that has been created, albeit with tight deadlines and unexpected, it is your doing. Wehave seen the photos, and high quality of the photos confirms our conviction that we havechosen the right person to interpret and transfer the photos a personality as complex as thatof Federica. Thank you for helping us find makeup artist, video maker, music and photographystudio.

Mizuno Spa

I think Lidia has always had a good feeling for Africa probably coming from her ancestors. Herpics are extraordinary and make me so natural, it's so soulful!

Yossou N'Dour

Lidia Costantini is an excellent photographer. She is an outstanding professional from atechnical point of view, but foremost from a human standpoint, is her remarkable ability to be "in tune" with her subjects, an essential element for drawing out people's inner souls. ForLidia, not only the beauty of a photograph counts, which is anyhow always guaranteed. To bephotographed by her is somewhat like undergoing a "therapy session" which is why the resultsare never ordinary. Lidia is strong and tenacious, and dedicates unusual vitality, greatgenerosity, and extraordinary enthusiasm in her work. This is why I admire her and hold her inhigh regard . We spent a whole day together, tiresome for both, but by the end of it, I walkedaway enriched and certain of having found an outstanding professional and a dear friend.Thank you Lidia! you've got a great career ahead of you, certainly gratifying and undoubtedlyfull of rewards. So long, see you atthe next photo shoot!

Lilli Gruber

A saying goes: "Nothing is more visible than what is hidden." Your photographs are quitevisible, nevertheless concealing a great sensitivity and professionalism. Love.

Luciana Savignano

Wine Producer That's usually doesn't work with me. Certainly I am used to dealing with specialists in my sector, with persons who are exigent and competent. Lidia succeeded to arouse a sort of extra-professional interest: she wanted to understand, to feel, to sniff out, she wanted to grasp beyond the image. This we steered each other and we experimented how gratifying it is to be on the same wave-length.

Marilisa Allegrini

I like that special ability, which confirms the uniqueness of her talent, a marvellous concept she's made her very own, marked like a signature in all her works, to emphasize and praise all that is beautiful and good among cultures. Not only is it useful, but respectful and dutiful inour daily struggle against prevailing evil, injustice and selfishness.


I met Lidia Costantini while being the Marie Claire Magazine Director. She was with herhusband. A couple rich in enthusiasm and energy. At once we published one of her reportage.
A little thing generous and bright. Lidia came back with a basket full of proposals. It is touchingto see such passionate and determined persons.

Kikka Meloni Editor Marie Clair

We know Lidia for many years, we admire most of all the determination she demonstrates inher work: Lidia never gives up, this is something precious that renders what she does sospecial.

Cristina Marinelli 
Editor D La Repubblica

A rush of adrenalin... That's Lidia when she talks about past photo shoots or ones she isplanning on. She doesn't content herself with simply photographing her subjects, instead shestrives to "live" them deeply with incredible enthusiasm now ever so rare to find in editorialoffices. Lidia doesn't search for beautiful images alone. She looks for a story and people shewishes to uncover and tell about. Naturally she always ends up with images that are not onlybeautiful, but also exciting.

Marco Finazzi
Photo Editor Vanity Fair

We discovered Lidia Costantini as a very sensitive and absolutely professional photographerand artist who adapts very well to a situation, who is curious and open to discover newthings.

Germaine Acogni

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