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Wedding day swim champ #Federica Pellegrini and #Matteo Giunta.

Aggiornamento: 20 set 2022


Well yes #federicapellegrini is getting married today!

Woman and athlete who will leave her mark in the history of swimming

It is the big day of #federicapellegrini and #matteogiunta.

I share with great pleasure and a lot of affection this beauty shot a few years ago.

Federica had just won the World Cup and I was working with her for the most important covers of her.

We were in Verona at the @byblos_art_hotel for the shooting.

Among the many photographs taken this I love it, it has never been published, unpublished.

The public today, what better opportunity?

Happy birthday @ kikkafede88 & @matteogiunta 💞

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