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Fragen Sie den Experten:

Jedes Shooting ist anders, jede Hochzeit ist anders, ich stehe Ihnen gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Seite, hier finden Sie einige der Fragen, die ich normalerweise bekomme:

  • How far in advance is it necessary to make the first appointment for a shooting?
    Pre Pandemic at least a year earlier, now the world has changed so even last minute, if I'm happy to be free.
  • In which areas are you available to move to make a wedding photo shoot?
    I live in Verona, I travel everywhere in Italy and around the world
  • How much can a wedding photo shoot  cost?
    Starting from € 1200.00 + taxes about 5 hours
  • How much can the photo shoot  of an elopement cost?
    Starting from € 700.00 + taxes
  • How much can the photo shoot  of a family portrait cost?
    Starting from € 500.00 + taxes
  • Do you work only with Italian clients?
    Absolutely not
  • Do you only work with celebrities?
    Absolutely not
  • Trash the dress, what is it about? "
    After the event, the couple throws themselves into the mud, sand, or a forest to take pictures with their wet, dirty clothes, etc., taking care not to ruin them, hence Trash The Dress. It's a new fashion.
  • How long does a pre wedding shooting last?
    About a couple of hours excluding the time needed by the bride for makeup and wigs
  • Can I include the photo shoot of the wedding proposal in my quote?
    Absolutely yes
  • Can I include the photo shoot of the choice of dress in my quote?
    Absolutely yes
  • Do you also take care of videos?
    I don't shoot videos but I can connect clients with trusted collaborators including drones wherever possible.
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